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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

One loss that a lot of businesses, and mainly manufacturers, suffer from is equipment breakdown. The machines may cost quite a pretty penny, but the real loss comes when your semi or even non-operational. As a business owner, ask yourself “ What does that machine cost? and if I were to replace it, how long would that take?and how much money would we be loosing every day until it’s fixed?” These losses can be severe to the company for months or even years because a machine has simply stopped working. If you have ever had this policy before, it was called Boiler and Machinery coverage. This coverage has been redefined as Equipment Breakdown coverage and now is more broad, meaning, it can accept a wide variety of machines, almost any really!


What does it cover?

As stated before, this coverage accepts almost any type of machine and especially those used in packaging and manufacturing. Custom made machines, pressurized systems, or just simple appliances can be covered. This coverage even applies to computers and electronics.There really isn’t much it doesn’t cover. In full disclosure, if there is a machine that was not professionally built and seems to be not working well, it could be excluded. Also, machines that have broken down and caused losses on a frequent basis could be excluded. Just keep in mind, a well running operation needs to have well running machines and equipment, and when you have protection from it failing, that’s insurance.

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