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Employee Coverage

Employee Coverage

Lets face it, there’s always that one “bad apple”. Understanding your operation and your vision may be the great work ethic of your employees, but once in awhile, you’ll get an employee that might not be best fit, the most ethical, or clumsily unaware. This is where an array of employee coverage comes in, and remember, this coverage is here to protect you and your company, not the employees.


What does it cover?

Most of your policies will have the basics in them for EPLI, also known as Employee Practices Liability Insurance. This covers your company from employee actions that cause perils like theft, criminal acts, and litigation from employee misconduct. Things like an employee stealing or sexually harassing other employees or even clients. There is also another policy that protects your company from litigation resulting in worker’s injuries called Workers Compensation Insurance. Workers comp can get complicated and result in a lot of paperwork and time cost to your business. We at S2S Insurance Services can reduce that time and get your company focused again.

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